Rates & Important Information

$599 1-day tour, 1-2 people
$949 2-day (full weekend) tour, 1-2 people

Each day on the tour is at least 4 hours long or more.
We drive over 150 miles per day.

Each tour is tailored specifically to where you want to go.
These are PERSONAL and PRIVATE tours of the film locations.

A deposit of $100 is required to reserve your date(s) for the tour, and
must be received at least 10 business days before your scheduled
The $100 is non-refundable,
even if the tour is cancelled
due to weather that may cause hazzardous driving conditions.

We accept PayPal, money orders, cash and personal checks.
Personal checks MUST be received at least business 10 days in
  If they are not received 10 business days in advance of your
scheduled tour, your tour date will be pushed back pending the
clearing of your check and the next available weekend date for

Please allow one full day to visit all the locations for a single film
(1974 or 2003/2006).  A single day of select locations can be arranged.
Please contact us in advance.  Both sets of locations can be covered
in one weekend.  Again, each tour is specifically taylored to which locations
you and your party would like to visit.

Your lodging, meal arrangements and other expenses are not included.
Fuel expenses are included.

Group rates are available.  Please contact us in advance.

Tours are generally scheduled on Saturdays and/or Sundays.

There is no charge to pick up you and your party if the pick up location
is in or near the Round Rock, Texas area.  Please contact us if you and
your party would like to be picked up outside of the Round Rock area
for the tour.  A surcharge for this service may apply.

If weather does not permit, we can reschedule the tour.  If a reschedule
is not possible, any payments made to Texas Chainsaw Tours beyond
the $100 deposit will be returned.
Your  original $100 deposit will not be refunded.

Alcoholic beverages are absolutely not allowed in the vehicle during the tour,
and is against Texas law.  You may bring your own lunch, snacks and drinks
in your own ice chest if you wish.

We reserve the right to cancel the tour and return you and
your party for any reason at any time.

TexasChainsawTours.com and it's employees can not be held
responsible if injury or bodily harm results from activity outside
of the vehicle during the tour.