Will we get to meet any of the cast or crew from any
of the movies during our tour?

No.  They are not affiliated with Texas Chainsaw Tours.
Although several cast members to live in and around the
central Texas area, we hope to one day include them with
the tour.


What times does the tour start and end?

We will pick you up between 8 AM and 10 AM (your preference)
the morning of the tour and return you to your hotel at the end of
your tour.  The tour of each set of locations takes approximately
8 hours, and that includes taking a few minutes at each stop to
look, walk around and take pictures.


What happens if the tour is cancelled due to the weather?

Judgment on whether to continue the tour or not ultimately resides
with the employees of Texas Chainsaw Tours and the driver.  If
the tour is an entire cancellation due to the weather, and you can
not return at a later date for a rescheduled tour, a full refund will
be offered.  If only a select few locations were toured before it
had to be cancelled due to weather, a pro-rated refund will be
offered and your deposit will not be returned.  If the entire tour was
cancelled due to the weather and you are available to return for
a rescheduled tour, your deposit will remain as paid on record and
not returned, but the remaining balance will be refunded to you.


What if we run out of time and do not see all of the locations
during the day?

All the locations for one film can be seen in one day, provided that
the party is picked up between 8 AM and 10 AM that morning.  It is
up to you as to how much time you would like to spend at any
given location.  Refunds will not be given if we run out of time to
see other locations on the schedule if the party stays at one or
more locations for an extended period of time.


Why do we have full access to some locations and limited access
to others?  And what if a location on the tour is completely shut down?

The Texas Chainsaw Tours takes people to film locations in Texas
that were instrumental in making a movie.  Gaining further access to
places beyond simply taking pictures from the outside is an added
plus and is not promised or guaranteed.

Also, some of these locations are working businesses, or they once
were businesses and are now between owners and may be closed
temporarily (or permanently!).  These circumstances are beyond
our control.  If you are very concerned about the access to particular
places and want to be sure that you can gain the access to them
that you want, please contact us for more information on the status
of the location.