2003's Texas Chainsaw Massacre Remake


2006's "The Beginning"


The 2003 Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake poster.




The "Leatherface" House

The house used in the 2003 & 2006 Texas Chainsaw Massacre films.     

The house used in both the 2003 remake
and 2006's "The Beginning" is still an
occupied house.

Visitors can stand from the street and take
photos.  Trespassing is strictly prohibited.


The Slaughterhouse

The slaughterhouse is actually a functioning
meat company.  Hours of operation are only
Monday through Friday, and Saturday mornings.

Visitors are welcome to come in and take
pictures in the main customer area.  But you may
ask the management for further access.


The slaughterhouse. 


The Crawford Mill

The Crawford Mill.


The mill is abandoned and empty.  Photos from
the road are allowed.  Advancing on the
property is at your own discretion.* 


The Store

The store is a working convenience store.
This building also served as a film location for
big budget movies like Secondhand Lions.

are allowed to walk in and shop and take pictures.

You may ask management for more access
around the building.


The store.