1974 Texas Chainsaw Massacre Film Locations

The original Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1974 poster.

The original Texas Chainsaw Massacre film is widely regarded as THE
seminal horror/cult film by which all others are measured.  This low-budget
high-intensity film has spurred 6 other major motion pictures, with the latest
high budget film to be released in October of 2006 by New Line Cinema.

The 1974 original also spurred a worldwide urban legend about the story,
which has become a phenomenon.  Many people to this day believe that
such a tragedy did occurr in Texas and that there really was a chainsaw-
weilding maniac who wears human flesh for a mask and clothing.

Although the storyline is very loosely based upon Ed Gein, a cannibalistic
killer from the 1950's from Plainfield, Wisconsin, Ed never owned a
chainsaw and only killed two women before he was captured and died in
a mental institution in Wisconsin.

Never the less, the fictitional character, Leatherface, cut his impression upon
millions of people in 1974 and a Texas legend was born.  People continually
search for the real answers to their questions about the story and wonder
about the house and other locations that were used in the cult classic film.

We offer you the chance of a lifetime to personally visit the house and other
locations so that you can feel more of a part of the milestone in Texas film
history that is the Texas Chain Saw Massacre!




The "Leatherface" House

The 'Leatherface' House.


The house used in the original film  has been
restored to its original beauty with a few
added features.  But any Chainsaw fan will
easily recognize the house, inside and out.

Drop in and relive your fondest memories from the
movie.  Like the dinner scene, the meathook
scene, or perhaps where the first teenager falls
victim to Leatherface and slams the metal door shut!

Visitors are able to visit the grounds, walk inside
the house and take pictures.


The Gas Station / BBQ Shack

The gas station was always a real gas station to
people in central Texas and it has changed owners
over the course of time, as it does to this day.

Visitors are guaranteed a stop at the gas station
and can walk the grounds.  Walking in and taking
pictures is an option if the building is open
for buisiness.

Please call ahead or e-mail us for information
on the current status of the gas station.

     The Gas Station / BBQ Shack.


The Cemetery

The Cemetery.


Of all of the locations to change or disappear over
the years, the cemetery remains virtually unchanged
since the opening of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre
film was shot at this location back in the summer of

Visitors are welcome to walk the grounds and take


Quick Hill

Quick Hill is the tract of land the house used to
reside upon since its construction in the late
1890's until 1998.  It also served as the primary
setting for the Texas Chainsaw Massacre film.
Fans remember Leatherface's infamous
"Chainsaw Dance" at the end of the film.

Today, a highway blazes through the hill near
where the house used to stand, and the La-
Frontera business developement will soon take
over the area.

Visiting this location is by request only.  You can
drive by or park near the hill and take pictures.
Trespassing is strictly prohibited.


Quick Hill.